Los Altos Hills - family dining hub

The new casual dining area for my Los Altos Hills clients' kitchen/family room installed recently. The 5' x 5' large square table features a salvaged live edge maple wood table top, resting on a stainless steel base that I designed specifically for this table. My design of the table base & bench legs were inspired by the youngest members of the household - the family's three 'kids' (including 'Starlight' the yellow lab). The legs purposefully have a playful and anthropomorphic quality to them.

It was important to me that the legs not look heavy, as I didn't want such large scale furniture pieces visually overwhelming the space. Stainless steel was the perfect choice to achieve the feeling of lightness whilst supporting such a heavy table top.

To enjoy the views by having the seating right next to the windows, I designed extra deep benches (with lots of throw pillows for comfort) which maintains a spacious and comfortable feel.  My intent for the benches was to enable multiple uses; not only as seating for family dining, but perhaps a comfortable place to do homework, or relax in the sun with a good book, and maybe dad could even stretch out and take a nap on a lazy sunday afternoon?

I was delighted to hear from my client that her children especially love the benches, and that they keep asking to sleep over night on them.  Im not sure if mum & dad have relented yet though!

Credits: thanks to John @ Kolkka, Live Edge Designs, Lucy from Custom Sewing, David at Interior Decorators Upholstery, and Good Moves Delivery Inc.

Leather chairs are the 'folio' chairs from Crate & Barrel. Fabrics: Lee Jofa, Kravet, Osborne & Little, Shears and Windows.